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   Tax Preparations




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Individual and Small Business state and federal income tax, sales and property taxes. We take care of complexities of preparing and filing proper tax information, including E-File Tax Return.

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Complete bookkeeping and balancing of books solutions. Details, details and yet more details. We will keep your details in order so at the end of the day and year the numbers match up.

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We make sure that proper and timely payment checks are made and detail information is kept for your employees and for services rendered by contractors.

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ADS Bookkeeping Services

We understand that as a business owner your focus should be dedicated to managing the success and profit growth of your company. Proper managing and control of your bookkeeping is the one thing we can assist with your daily challenges. Through our services, we help establish and maintain a solid financial foundation that represents your business financial books by customizing a service package that meets your specific needs. ADS can perform monthly or quarterly scheduled work and also provide payroll and full tax preparation services. We are here for you.

Tax Preparation

We provide Individual and Small Business tax services that include state and federal income tax, sales and taxes and property taxes.

Bank Reconciliation

Manage your bank account, balance your books and keep the taxes up-to-date by allowing ADS Bookkeeping Services to reconcile your accounts.

Provide Consultations

ADS Bookkeeping Services will be available to offer consultations that are specifically tailored to meet and address the needs of your business. Customer satisfaction is what we strive for and we will be there to help you continue to develop your company's future.

Income statement

The Income Statement reflects the profit and loss in the operation of the business. The statement itemizes a listing of revenues and expenses to show a profit or loss for the month, quarter and year.

General Ledger

Having your general ledger system reviewed monthly uncovers recoding discrepancies, duplicate billings and any unrecorded payments. ADS Bookkeeping Services will ensure that your financial core remains strong and clear of errors.

Balance Sheet

A Balance Sheet gives you a view of the financial condition of your business.

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