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Tax Preparation Services

We provide Individual and Small Business tax services that include state and federal income tax, sales and use taxes and property taxes. Our proactive approach all year long ensures that your tax liabilities are under control. ADS constantly stays current on new the tax laws and legislations while we set into motion key tax planning opportunities that will minimize both your current and future tax liabilities. By providing our individual and small business clients with the taxation expertise and knowledge that is deserved throughout the year, your business will stay in compliance and removed from any penalties that can be incurred due to errors and negligence. We are an authorized ERO, which means  we can E-File tax returns as well.

" Our proactive approach always ensures that your tax liabilities are under control."



   Tax Preparations




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Individual and Small Business state and federal income tax, sales and property taxes. We take care of complexities of preparing and filing proper tax information, including E-File Tax Return.

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Complete bookkeeping and balancing of books solutions. Details, details and yet more details. We will keep your details in order so at the end of the day and year the numbers match up.

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We make sure that proper and timely payment checks are made and detail information is kept for your employees and for services rendered by contractors.

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Tax Preparation for Small Businesses:

Track tax deductions year round.


Maximize business deductions like advertising, supplies, vehicle, utilities, home office, etc...


Find deductions for rental property owners, including advertising, refinancing expenses and travel.

Tax Preparation for Individuals:

Take advantage of all possible deductions including mortgage interest, education credits, medical related expenses, charity and more.


Provide guidance and offer professional tax advice to sole proprietors.

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